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Ventilating & Lace Fronting

This course will strengthen your journey into the world of Wig Making. Learn how to take accurate wig measurements, create head tracings, transferring measurements to canvas blocks. Create beautiful and natural looking hairlines into stock costume wigs or how to repair damaged lace fronts. Receive expert advice on how to be financially accurate with materials, and how to add wig making into your personal freelancing business. The 2 week course dives deeper into repairs, parts, and more.

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Foundation Making

In this in person course we will guide you into the world of making Wig Foundations. Learn how to take accurate wig measurements, create head tracings.  Create beautiful and natural looking foundations that properly fit to a client’s head.

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Heart Cage Class

The AcademyMWD is excited to have Annie Hardt join us for exclusive workshops on cage building and styling around those cages.  What are cages? Wig cages allow you to create any unique shape you want! They weigh next to nothing so you can have a larger than life style without added weight. And the best part is your look will defy gravity and never deflate since it is supported by the structure!

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Wig Dressing

2 Week Course

This 2 week course will give you the tools needed to be hired as a wig technician, dresser, or stylist! Beginning with the tools and knowledge of what to do when you pull the wig out from the packaging to applying your final styled product directly to yourself or performer!

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