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The Buzz about AcademyMWD

"Academy MWD is the best in the business. Courteous, professional, out of the box creative and always over-delivering on their promise. These girls take on so much and they never disappoint. I have used their design services, taken their classes and had them style me every time I need to look good. They are my go-to for anything beauty related. There is no limit to how great they can make you look."

                                   -Tori Lubecki, Founder of Philanthropy Ent

I think you gals are awesome!!!

- Ashley Sutherland-Winch, Marketing & PR Consultant 

"⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ My experience with working with you guys has always been STELLAR !!! The several years & the many looks created have been everything I've asked for & MORE !!! THANK YOU for the professionalism - knowledge - passion & creativity you bring to the theatrical arts community in LAS VEGAS !!!!!"

                                                  - Jeffrey deBarathy, Designer 

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