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When do our next classes begin? 

As working professionals in the industry we try to accommodate classes by adjusting our work schedules to fit within your time frames.

If a date has not been set for a class you are interested in please contact us to make arrangements.

Where are we located? 

         The physical location of classes in 2022 is pending.  However, class will be near to Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH). Updates coming soon! 

Where should I stay? 

 List coming soon!

Is AcademyMWD a Cosmetology School?

          No. At the Academy of Makeup and Wig Design we have merged a traditional University path with a Secondary Trade School and created the ultimate intensive, creative, and thrilling hybrid. Our focus is on the entertainment industry and the sectors within that industry.


What is the difference between a Cosmetology school and AcademyMWD?

         In the Entertainment industry in Texas and Nevada, and specifically for Wigs and Makeup, you do not need a license to work. Cosmetology school focuses on nail technicians, aestheticians, and hair artisans. However, these schools do not focus or offer the skills sets needed to be a professional in the wig and makeup field. We do offer hairstyling courses, especially focusing on period and historical time periods. We do not teach courses on hair cutting, hair coloring, or hair/skin treatments.


Do I need a license to attend any classes, specifically Wig Making?

       No. We welcome all artists over the age of 18 to join us at any stage in their careers. The only pre-requisite is Wig Ventilating knowledge in order to take our Wig Making: Lace Fronting class. We offer this class as well. 


Will I receive a license or a degree after completing classes?

        We will not be issuing degrees or licenses. We offer diplomas of completion of courses.

Will AcademyMWD help me get a job?

            We cannot guarantee job placement. However, we work with students to properly cultivate work relationships, introduce potential future employers, access to apprenticeship opportunities, and more.

Do AcademyMWD Directors and Educators only teach classes?

            We are proud to say that both our director and educators not only teach, but they are heavily involved in the entertainment industry. We feel that is imperative for our educators to not only have the knowledge of their craft, but to be active professionals in their field. This ensures that they are up to date on current trends, tools, materials, and technology.  


When will our full courses be offered?

            Soon! We are offering intensive workshop and smaller courses until we have secured our permanent location and build the future Academy of Makeup and Wig Design.

What are your policies regarding drugs and alcohol or other illegal substances? 

          Drugs of any sort (other than personal medical prescriptions) are NOT allowed on AcademyMWD property. Addtionally, there is no smoking in the front of the studio.  You may smoke in the designated area and dispose of your cigarettes in the bin provided. 

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