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Liz Waterbury

Liz was born at a very young age. A lover of both theatre and sleep, she developed a formidable double-pronged skill set of truth embellishment and accelerated napping.

She is a thimble aficionado and an exceptionally gifted wrapper-of-things-in-bacon.


A self-taught braider, she developed her skills and adoration for the art after her mother refused to, "keep braiding that hair every day, so stop asking!"


Her likes include but are not limited to: cheese, pirate-themed romance novels, basket weaving, ruffles, things that are tiny for her entertainment and/or convenience, and amassing a silent army of damned souls to do her bidding.


Dislikes: hangnails, fake pockets, visors with false novelty hair exploding out the top, sticky labels that don't come off in one piece, toothpaste stains, tardiness, and hair getting stuck in her lipgloss. She is extremely susceptible to flattery and bribery.

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