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Things Near and Dear to Our Hearts 



Once the Academy has secured its permanent location, we will be able to use the school to further our charitable efforts within our community.
Academy of Makeup and Wig Design will be a fantastic safe place to help foster imaginations. 

Anyone can come and be creative, learn about their own community and

we hope to hold some of the fundraisers to ensure futures for our favorite charities.













We work closely with Circus Couture here in Las Vegas. Circus Couture, with Cirque du SoBald, the sister fundraising team, works in partnership with Cure 4 the Kids Foundation to raise money for St. Baldrick’s Foundation & Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada.

Circus Couture is a volunteer organization comprised primarily of performers, technicians and employees from circus shows on the Las Vegas strip. They are a grassroots organization having no affiliation with any company or corporation. To date, Circus Couture and Cirque du SoBald have raised over a quarter of a million dollars for St. Baldricks Foundation & Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada to continue their programs and bring life-saving treatments to Nevada’s children.       -       -








Philantrophy ENTertainment


Philanthropy ENTertainment is a tight-knit group working to raise money and end suffering and to give victims the strength and courage to stand up to their abuser. In addition, to liberate those who do not have the means to do so. Their shows are intended to inspire others to make positive changes within themselves and their families, while generating funds to help non-profit groups working to end violence in all of its forms. 

Cultivate Compassion, Promote Accountability, Raise Money to aid in the Liberation and Empowerment of all victims of abuse.

Together we can Knock Out Violence !










Another important non-profit we are excited about joining forces with is AttaGirl, Inc., which is based out of Los Angeles.  Founded and run by the fierce of heart, Kristina Duff.  AttaGirl, Inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation founded in 2008. They provide empowering services and support to women in transition that have faced adversity.  Their services currently include hosting Skills, Strength & Beauty © workshops and makeover events at support groups and shelters throughout Southern California with a vision to expand nationwide. The populations AttaGirl, Inc. serve are young ladies that have been emancipated from the foster system, female survivors of domestic abuse and women on parole.

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