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The AcademyMWD is excited to have Annie Hardt join us for exclusive workshops on cage building and styling around those cages.  What are cages? Wig cages allow you to create any unique shape you want! They weigh next to nothing so you can have a larger than life style without added weight. And the best part is your look will defy gravity and never deflate since it is supported by the structure!

Please join us via Zoom for 2 awesome sessions with Annie! Create this iconic Heart Shaped Cage and learn how to attach it to your wig and style it. 


Cage Building:

Cost: $50

A materials list will be sent once registered. 

Attaching & Styling:

Cost: $60

Once registered, the Zoom links will be emailed to you.  These classes are recorded and will be available for you to watch, re watch and enjoy for a length of time after the class has concluded. 

Heart Shaped Wig Cage Building & Styling

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